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As someone who’s spent more time with dry herb vaporizers than a hippie at a Phish concert, I can confidently say that the Dynavap M is one of the best options. 

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Stick with me, and I’ll give you the lowdown on how to use the Dynavap M, whether you’ve got the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, or any other model. And who knows, by the time we’re done, you might even be able to impress your friends with your newfound vaping expertise.

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Packing A Dynavap And How to Heat It To Use

  1. Start with high-quality, well-dried herb. Break it up into small, evenly-sized pieces for the best results.

  2. Decide how full you want to pack the chamber. Some people prefer to fill it to the top, while others leave a little space at the top for better airflow.

  3. Gently drop the herb into the VapCap, and lightly tamp it down with your finger or a tool. You don’t want to pack it too tightly, which can restrict airflow and make it harder to heat up. But you also want it to stay tight enough or risk not getting enough vapor.

  4. Once you’ve filled the VapCap, please give it a quick once-over to ensure no loose bits or big air pockets.

  5. Snap the VapCap back on, and you’re ready to go!

  6. Hold the Dynavap in one hand, with your thumb covering the air intake hole on the side.

  7. Using a torch lighter or another heat source, aim the flame at the bottom of the cap, where the tip of the chamber is located.

  8. Heat the cap until you hear a distinct clicking sound, which indicates that the Dynavap has reached its ideal temperature. The Dynavap click happens when the temperature of the cap reaches around 176°C (or 349°F). The clicking sound is caused by a small, bi-metallic disc inside the cap that expands when heated and makes an audible click when it reaches a specific temperature.

  9. Once you hear the click, you can stop heating and start vaping. Take a slow, steady draw from the mouthpiece while covering the air intake hole with your thumb.

  10. As you draw, you’ll start to feel and taste the vapor. Adjust your draw speed to your preference, and enjoy your smooth and flavorful hits.

  11. After a few hits, the cap will cool down. You’ll hear another click, indicating that the Dynavap is ready to be heated again. You can repeat the heating process and continue vaping until your herb is fully spent.

By following these simple steps, you can pack your Dynavap easily and enjoy smooth, flavorful hits every time. So grab your favorite herb, get packing, and happy vaping!

Make sure to keep it clean too!

Whole Pack Vs. A Half Pack

The age-old question is whether to go for a whole or half pack in your Dynavap. This decision can make all the difference in your vaping experience, so let’s explore each option’s pros and cons.

Pack OptionDescription
Whole PackFilling the chamber with your favorite herb can result in more vapor production and a longer-lasting session. You don’t have to worry about repacking mid-session, but it can lead to more intense hits, not suitable for beginners or those with a lower tolerance.
Half PackFilling the chamber only halfway with herb can result in a lighter, more manageable session with less intense hits, and allows for more flexibility in flavor experimentation. However, it may produce less vapor or last as long as a whole pack.

Ultimately, the decision between a whole pack and a half pack comes down to personal preference and situation. Are you looking for a longer session with more intense hits? Go for a whole pack. 

dynavap m how to use it

Or are you looking for a lighter, more manageable session with flexibility in flavor experimentation? Opt for a half-pack. Either way, with some trial and error, you’ll find the perfect pack for your Dynavap and enjoy smooth, flavorful hits every time.

Controlling The Temperature

Temperature control is a crucial factor in achieving the perfect vaping experience, and it’s essential to understand how to adjust the heat to get the best results. So saddle up, and let’s dive in!

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that the temperature in your Dynavap is primarily controlled by the duration of the heating cycle. The longer you heat the cap, the higher the temperature, and vice versa. So, if you’re looking for a cooler hit, you’ll want to heat the cap for a shorter amount of time, and if you’re looking for a hotter hit, you’ll want to heat the cap for a longer amount of time.

To help you fine-tune your temperature control, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Experiment with heating times: Try varying the duration of your heating cycle by a few seconds to see how it affects the temperature and vapor production. This can help you find the sweet spot for your personal preferences.
  • Adjust your draw speed: The speed you draw from the mouthpiece can also affect the temperature and vapor production. A slower draw will produce cooler vapor, while a faster draw will produce hotter vapor.
  • Use a temperature control device: If you want more precise control over your temperature, you can invest in a temperature control device such as a temperature control mod or an induction heater. These devices allow you to set and maintain a specific temperature for a more consistent vaping experience.

Temperature control is finding the perfect balance between flavor, vapor production, and intensity. By experimenting with different heating times and draw speeds and using additional tools like temperature control devices, you can achieve the perfect temperature and enjoy smooth and flavorful hits every time.


Getting Big Clouds With A Dynavap M

Getting big clouds with a Dynavap can be trickier than other vaporizers. Still, with some practice and technique, you’ll blow clouds like a steam engine in no time. So, let’s dive in and explore some tips and tricks for getting those big, beautiful clouds.

  • Heat the cap longer: One of the most effective ways to increase vapor production is to heat the cap for longer. Experiment with heating times to find the sweet spot for your preferences.
  • Pack the chamber tightly: Packing your chamber tightly can help increase vapor production by ensuring the heat is evenly distributed throughout the herb.
  • Adjust your draw speed: Drawing slowly and steadily can help create more significant clouds by allowing the vapor to build up in the chamber before release.
  • Use a water pipe adapter: Connecting your Dynavap to a water pipe can help cool and smooth the vapor, making it easier to take bigger hits.
  • Experiment with different herbs: Different strains and types of herb can produce different amounts and types of vapor. Experiment with different herbs to find the ones that produce the biggest clouds.
  • Use a torch lighter: While it’s possible to use a regular lighter to heat your Dynavap, a torch lighter will provide more intense heat and can help produce bigger clouds.

Remember, getting big clouds is about finding the right combination of heating time, packing, draw speed, and herbs. With some experimentation and practice, you’ll blow big clouds with your Dynavap M in no time.

Using It With Accessories Like A Waterpipe

If you want to take your Dynavap experience to the next level, consider using it with accessories like a water pipe. Connecting your Dynavap to a water pipe can help cool and filter the vapor, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience. Here’s how to use your Dynavap with a water pipe:

  • Get a water pipe adapter that is compatible with your Dynavap.
  • Attach the adapter to your Dynavap in place of the regular mouthpiece. I recommend this one.
  • Fill your water pipe with enough water to cover the downstem or percolator.
  • Connect your Dynavap to your water pipe by firmly placing the adapter in the downstem or percolator of the water pipe.
  • Heat and vape as you normally would, and the water in the pipe will help cool and filter the vapor.

Using your Dynavap with a water pipe is easy and can result in a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience. So, try it and see how it enhances your vaping session.

Relighting The Vaporizer To Smoke The Leftovers

If you want to make the most out of your Dynavap herb, relighting the vaporizer to smoke the leftovers can help you get the most out of your herb and ensure that none of it goes to waste. 

To do so, remove the cap from the chamber to access the leftover herb. Please look at the leftover herb and ensure it is dry and evenly browned. 

It may need to be heated more if it is still green. Using your torch lighter or other heat source, heat the leftover herb until you hear the clicking sound that indicates it has reached the ideal temperature. 

Once the leftover herb is heated, you can vape it as usual. Draw slowly and steadily, and enjoy the smooth and flavorful hits. Following these simple steps, you can relight your Dynavap and enjoy the leftovers, ensuring that none of your herb goes to waste.


Can you take the Dynavap to a concert?

The answer to whether or not you can take your Dynavap to a concert depends on a few factors. First and foremost, it’s essential to check the concert venue’s rules and regulations regarding smoking and vaporizing. Many venues prohibit smoking or vaporizing, and bringing a Dynavap could result in you being asked to leave or having your device confiscated.

Even if smoking or vaporizing is allowed at the venue, you must consider the environment and those around you. Using a Dynavap could be disruptive or even dangerous to those around you if you’re in a crowded area. Additionally, using a Dynavap in a public space could result in unwanted attention or even legal consequences, depending on the laws in your area.

So, while it’s technically possible to bring your Dynavap to a concert, it’s important to consider the rules and regulations of the venue, as well as the environment and those around you. If you bring your Dynavap to a concert, use it responsibly and respectfully, and be prepared to face any consequences.

Can I use a candle with my Dynavap?

While it’s technically possible to use a candle to heat your Dynavap, it’s not recommended. Using a candle to heat your Dynavap can be unreliable and consistent, leading to an excellent vaping experience. Candles produce a relatively low and inconsistent heat source, making it difficult to achieve the proper temperature for vaping.

Do Dynavaps have carbs?

Yes, Dynavaps have a carb. The carb is located on the side of the device, near the mouthpiece. Covering the carb with your finger while drawing on the mouthpiece restricts the air intake and helps build up vapor in the chamber. Releasing the carb by removing your finger from it allows air to flow freely through the device. It clears the chamber, allowing you to take a full vapor hit. The carb is a critical component of Dynavap’s design, and it plays a crucial role in helping to regulate airflow and vapor production.

Does Dynavap get you high?

Yes, using a Dynavap can get you high. The Dynavap is a vaporizer designed to heat your herb to a temperature that vaporizes the active compounds, including THC and CBD. Inhaling this vapor can result in a high similar to smoking or consuming cannabis in other forms. The intensity and duration of the high can vary depending on the strain of herb, the temperature used, and the individual’s tolerance and preferences. It’s essential to use a Dynavap responsibly and to start with small amounts of herb until you know how it will affect you. As always, it’s recommended to consume cannabis safely and legally and follow all applicable laws and regulations in your area.

Can I vape DMT out of a Dynavap?

It is technically possible to vape DMT using a Dynavap, as the device can vaporize many different herbs and concentrates. However, it is essential to note that vaping DMT can be very intense and should be cautiously approached.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this discussion about the Dynavap. This versatile vaporizer has much to consider, from packing and heating techniques to using it with accessories like a water pipe, relighting leftovers, and controlling the temperature.

While the Dynavap is a powerful tool for enjoying your herb, using it responsibly and with care is essential. Whether you’re using it to enjoy the benefits of medicinal herbs or simply for recreational use, it’s critical to understand the risks and to follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of vaporizers.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Dynavap user or just getting started, follow these tips and techniques to help you maximize your vaping experience.

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